"Never let a good crisis go to waste."

-Winston Churchill

Our investment strategy centers around relationship-based transactions by leveraging proprietary deal flow and hyper-localized market knowledge. We focus on well located assets with intrinsic value and capitalize on opportunities that are created through market dislocation, overlooked value, misjudged risk, and correctable flows such as tenancy, physical attributes, capital structure, market positioning, or by prior mismanagement.
Our vertically integrated platform includes a seasoned investment and management team with corporate infrastructure built for seamless business plan execution. Our “hands-on” and proactive Asset Management, Property Management and Construction team has a proven track record of value creation and execution. 
The hallmark of Klosed Properties investment strategy is to achieve the highest proportional return for the lowest amount of risk by focusing on sound underlying fundamentals while pairing growth and capital preservation, we achieve risk adjusted returns by owning multi-generational assets that stand the test of time. 


Klosed Properties’ thesis is inherently contrarian. While capital has been fleeing New York due to difficulties in property management perceived political risk, Klosed believes it is uniquely positioned to capitalize on these difficulties



Through a robust in-house property management team that specializes in cleaning violations and keeping tenants happy, Klosed has the ability to mitigate much of the perceived risk in the NY market. In addition, with the rise of interest rates, Klosed believes New York will see a uniquely intense price adjustment, allowing for the acquisition of high yielding opportunities with significantly less competition.

Klosed Properties’ investing thesis is, was, and always will be contrarian. Klosed sees the flight of capital from a given location as an opportunity to execute.

  • Seek value in avenues often overlooked
  • Identify and reverse all inefficiencies
  • Understand more about the Property than the Seller before closing and identify all potential risks and create risk mitigants
  • Value creation by driving top-line growth while improving the bottom-line through operating efficiencies and cost savings with proprietary value creation techniques
  • Assume limited rent growth and cap rate expansion on exit
  • Invest based on thorough research and analysis to meet target return
  • Do not manage risk, control risk – the primacy of risk control is crucial to our historically consistent outsized returns
  • Expect to create an end-product at a significant discount to Replacement Costs and competition – be the lowest cost producer in the market

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